Say 'Thank You' To First Responders

Help Us Say Thank You to our Community's First Responders  And Heros for All That TheyDo For Us By Buying a Meal to Be Delivered To Them As a Gift!!!

(Skyline Hospitality, LLC (DBA Gourmet Meals To Go) is a registered Limited Liability Corporation under the laws of the State of Washington.  As such, meal purchases under this program are not likely to be tax-deductible. This is not a solicitation for donations, rather, an opportunity to join in our First Responder Hero Outreach program to help feed our local heroes by purchasing pre-paid meals.  For additional questions, check with your accountant or tax attorney.  We will do our best to honor specific requests but Skyline Hospitality reserves the right to determine the final date, time and organization based on the most urgent needs in the community)

If you want to say 'thank you' to our First Responders and Community Heros  but don't know how, you can join us by buying a meal for our community heros which will be continuously given away during our Saying Thank You Events at our local fire, police, healthcare, and other community heros' locations.  We will provide your name to the Recipients in a "Thank You" Card.

It is easy, Just go to our online menu and buy as many meals as you wish to do at a low price of $25 plus tax each.  With increments of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 1000. Each Meal purchased includes a hot and cold meal element. Just go to our online ordering and say thank you to our community heroes.

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